Los Alamos Equestrian holidays is situated near the small hamlet of San Ambrosio, 5 km from Los Caños de Meca, a small costal village on the Costa de la Luz in Andalucia, Southern Spain, between Barbate and Conil.

Cliffs and Pinewood of Barbate – Acantilado y Pinar de Barbate

Down the coast from Cádiz, this natural park is characterised by beautiful woods of umbrella pines with rosemary, blackthorn and palms, and rocky cliffs and outcrops. Two impressive cliffs, Torre del Tajo and Los Caños de Meca, fall over a hundred metres into the Atlantic. This is a protected area due to the ecosystems of the shoreline and the rich offshore marine life. It is considered one of the most diverse and best-preserved parts of the Andalucian coast. The spectacular cliffs are full of nooks, which provide a safe home for birds, including egrets, kestrels and one pair of peregrine falcons who have decided to nest here. The nearby port of Barbate is the centre of the region’s tuna fishing and canning industry, profiting from the (so far) plentiful bluefin tuna to be caught off the coast.

The Barbate Nature Park is Andalucia’s second largest coastal reserve, a major attraction for its underwater sports. The shoreline is lined by towering cliffs called Los Caños de Meca, home to teeming colonies of herring gulls and egrets. Thick stands of stone pine provide shade for a stunning variety of Mediterranean wildflowers. Ancient watchtowers stands on the cliffs overlooking the sea, where local fishermen use the traditional almadraba technique to catch tuna fish, laying walls of netting to force the huge animals into their trap.

Caños de Meca is a small but unspoilt community on the windswept but stunning Costa de la Luz on the Atlantic coast. Deep in the Parque Natural del Acantilado, Caños de Meca has beautiful beaches, backed by cliffs and pine trees. Straddling the coast road, this sleepy little village is fast waking up to a reputation as a trendy place to spend the summer. Caños de Meca is well off the beaten track and has to be reached by taking one of the small side roads off the N340 coast road near Vejer de la Frontera or by taking the minor road through the pine forest from Barbate.

Andalucia Weather

Hot Summers – Sunbathing almost every day from May to early October. Virtually no rain. Daily highs about 35°C and nightly lows 20°C. T-shirt weather all the time, evenings included.

Mild Winters – Mixture of clear, sunny winter days with sometimes overcast but warm days. Evenings noticeably cooler. First rains are late September or early October, can be heavy but rarely last more than a day or two. Daily highs about 20°C and nightly lows rarely below 10°C. Pullover in the day, jacket in the evening.

The nearest City to us is Barbate, To check out the latest weather for our region Click Here

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